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Mounds Lake Reservoir
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Mounds Lake Reservoir -
"To be, or not to be".   (Note: I did not write that line)

The points is, the Mounds Lake Reservoir represents either one of the best, and possibly only ways to change the economic and cultural life of our city OR a project which will destroy scenic sections of the White River and require the evacuation of hundreds of homes and businesses.

In social studies classes at AHS students learn that none of the important economic and social questions are black or white.  We often discuss that with regards to issues as varied as abortion, labor unions, trade policies, even the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir...the answer is not in the back of the book!

A recent display at the Mounds Mall gave supporters of moving forward with the reservoir a great opportunity to demonstrate the transformative possibility of the project.

Several of my Econ. Lovers took advantage of chance to learn more about the Mounds Lake Reservoir proposal.



Supporters of the Mounds Lake Reservoir believe that the development will provide...
* increased commercial and home construction
* a stable water supply for our region during drought
* great recreational opportunities
* a boost to the economic development of Anderson




Homes in Anderson's Irondale neighborhood, Hollywood Estates community, and Mounds Mall commercial property will be impacted the most.  Some are concerned that  they will not be treated fairly under "eminent domain", the legal process by which the government takes possession of private property, along with paying the current owner what has been determined to be a fair market value.

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