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Magnet Project
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This limited-edition magnet
has been produced by the
ACS Enterprise Group,
a company comprised of dynamic
Our company consists of four subsidiaries…
200 North Magnetics
Plaid Pride Productions
Mag-Neato Enterprises
Globo-Tech Enterprises
A portion of the proceeds from this
collectable product will be used
to support the efforts of the
Killbuck Concerned Citizens Committee
 in preventing a proposed landfill from operating
near the area of our school campus.


Our product looks super on cars, lockers, refridgerators, etc., etc.,


Each of our student-run entrepreneurial companies have...
* researched and developed a winning product
* designed stock certificates and found investors for our firm
* developed marketing plans
* worked in manufacturing of our units
* and much more...


Quality is of utmost importance here at the ACS Enterprise Group


A portion of our profits will go to assist the Killbuck Concerned Citizens Association in the their efforts to prevent a landfill from operating 9/10 of a mile from our beautiful, new school campus.  (additional landfill information available on this website by clicking on "Mallard Lake Landfill").


This fine magnet seems to make people very happy!


Members of ACS Enterprise Group present officials of the Killbuck Concerned Citizens Group a check for $100 as a continuation of our tradition of giving back to the community in which they live and do business.