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Student-run eBay company

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Is your life being taken over by stuff?  At ACS Enterprise Group we specialize in providing a full-service opportunity for you to tap into the power of eBay on-line marketing without doing any of the work.

Let us give you a completely seamless eBay experience.  We provide...
* High quality digital photography
* Great copywriting and listing on eBay
* Payment collection from final buyer
* Protective packing and shipping
* No up-front costs to you
* Help in determining the best starting price  


ACS Enterprise Group staff assists a client with properly documenting the DVD player she is having us list.  We take the utmost care to assure all parts of your transaction are handled with loving care.


Our staff will handle and package your items with professional care.


Two staffers brighten a young lady's life by delivering CASH to her from the item she sold though our service.

Client Payment Chart...FREE CASH!!!
50% to client if item sells for $1 to $25
60% to client if item sells for $25.01 to $100
70% to client if item sells for $100.01 to $500
75% to client if item sells for $500.01 or more
There is no shipping charge paid by you, our valued client.
Deducted from your final proceeds are the fees from eBay and their transaction service "Pay Pal".  The fees vary based on the final selling price.  An item with a final selling price of $100 would require a payment of approximatedly $7 in fees.

A History of Company Giving...
ACS Enterprise Group is a student-run company which understands the importance of giving back to the community in which we live and do business.
Over the years our companies have given to environmental improvement initiatives, shelters for battered women, animal shelters, programs to promote Anderson's new economy, and even a "dude ranch" in Oregon which gave troubled inner-city students a chance to live in a different environment and receive counseling.
As a client of the ACS Enterprise Group, you can rest assured that a portion of our profits will go to improving our Anderson/Madison County community.

Client Information Form
(On-line Form)  If you have items you would like for us to turn into cash for you...please print this form, complete the needed info, and contact us to arrange delivery to our company.
Client Name_____________________________
Client Address ______________________________________
Client Phone Number _____________________
Client email _____________________________
If my item does not sell on the eBay auction, please donate the item to charity  YES ______   NO ______
For my payment, please...
Have my representative bring me the check ___
Mail me a check ____
Or... keep my share of the sale to add to their selected charity gift or to be used to advance entrepreneurship education at ACS______